Academic calendar 2023-2024

Academic calendar 2023-2024 Master’s degree in Analytic Philosophy

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students who must take complementary courses to access the master's degree should check the calendar of the Philosophy degree of the UB in order to adapt to the different starting dates.


Teaching and first semester assessment

Teaching: September 15th 2023 – February 2nd 2024

Continuous assessment:  September 15th 2023 – January 25th 2024

Single assessment: January 10th – January 25th 2024

Re-evaluation: January 27th – February 2nd 2024


Teaching and second semester assessment

Teaching: February 5th – June 28th 2024

Continuous assessment: February 5th – June 28th 2024

Single assessment: June 3rd – June 28th 2024

Re-evaluation: June 29th – June 4th 2024

Master Thesis evaluation: September 1st – September 15th 2024


Registration calendar

Annual enrolment: September 1st – September 29th 2023

Extended enrolment:  February 2nd – February 23rd 2024


Holiday calendar

Christmas: December 25th 2023 – January 7th 2024

Easter: March 25th – April 1st 2024


Public holidays

September 25th; October 12th; November 1st; December 6th and 8th; May 1st and 20th 2024; June 24th


Institutional holidays

April 23rd 2024, Sant Jordi

International Philosophy Day: To be scheduled