Information about the PhD

Research line

The research line APhil is a research line within the PhD program CCiL, Cognitive Science and Language. It is intended for students who have completed university master’s degree training such as that offered under the corresponding APhil master and would like to conduct quality research in the area of analytical philosophy, working towards the preparation of a doctoral thesis. Students currently enrolled on the APhil master’s degree must apply separately for the doctoral program once they have completed the course.

The PhD is offered at the University of Barcelona, although some of the Teaching Faculty are drawn from universities involved in the master’s course. Consequently, admissions requests and their approval are dealt with exclusively by the UB.

PhD Coordinator: Manuel García Carpintero (

Students often wonder whether their work must be original. In a minimal sense, every good essay will be original, for the author will have made his or her own choice of which position to defend, which arguments to adduce, how exactly to explain or articulate these things etc. The student is speaking with his or her own voice. Thus, even if you defend a position that many others have defended before you, and you use standard arguments to defend it, your essay will be original in this minimal sense: you are using your own words, and you have made up your own mind as to how to evaluate the standard positions and arguments. Of course, if you provide a new original argument, or defend a new position, then this makes your essay more original and interesting, and this is good. But this is not expected of you.