Structure of the Master

To get the degree Master in Analytic Philosophy students need to earn a total of 60 master credits (ECTS) in the following master courses.

  • 15 credits of general mandatory courses: MetaethicsModels of Justice and Human Rights and Research Methods in Analytic Philosophy
  • 10 credits correspond to the Final Research Paper (i.e., MA Thesis) (mandatory).
  • 15 credits specific to the chosen itinerary, i.e. either Practical Philosophy or Theoretical Philosophy. These consist of: 5 credits from the Research Seminar and 10 credits from Module 6 or Module 4, as the case may be.
  • 20 credits chosen from optional courses on offer.
More info

For details of the courses in each academic year, please select the relevant option from the drop-down menu under "Master" above. The 20 optional credits can be freely chosen from the courses in Module 7. But students can also ask for permission to take one of the mandatory courses of the other itinerary as an optional course.

Students who do not have a philosophy degree will normally be asked to acquire the necessary background knowledge and skills during the first year of the master. We offer 30 credits that afford such a background (but these are offered mostly in Spanish or Catalan).