Frequently Asked Questions

We can dispense students who have not studied philosophy from submitting written work. Your personal statement should however explain your interest and commitment to study with us.

The decision about which background courses will be required will depend on the analysis (from the course transcripts) of the subjects you have taken in the past in order to assess whether you can be excused from taking some of those courses or not.


Providing proof that your BA studies have been held either in an English university or completely in English will suffice.

Letters of reference are optional, but they are always useful and advisable.

We can only accept documents in either English, Spanish or Catalan. Hence, for the pre-enrollment, the course transcript must be translated into one of these languages if it is in a different one.

It is of the utmost importance that, for the official registration in September, the translation of this document (as well as any other legal document) gets done by a sworn translator. We recommend to obtain the sworn translation as soon as possible, since they may take time. You can find a list of Catalonia's professional sworn translators on the APTIC's website.