Aarón Álvarez González

PhD institution
Universitat de Barcelona
Aarón Álvarez González

The Aphil master is a highly recommended option for those who want to enlarge and improve their philosophical knowledge and skills, respectively. Whoever is interested in analytic philosophy is going to benefit from the master. However, it is especially fitting for those who want to pursue an academic career in analytic philosophy. The subjects taught are focused on specific areas of analytic philosophy (epistemology, metaphysics, (meta)ethics, philosophy of mind, etc.) and cover the most updated debates and literature on them. Guided by the teachers, leading contributors to those debates, you get familiar with the contents, you learn how to navigate the increasingly vast philosophical literature and you learn how to make an informed contribution to those debates yourself. Thus, you acquire fundamental skills and values for an analytic philosopher: how to reason validly, how to analyse a philosophical problem, how to understand the dialectical structure of a debate, how to read charitably other’s contributions, how to face a problem with intellectual humility but intellectual courage, etc. For all these reasons and more, I highly recommend Aphil to anyone interested in philosophy and, especially, for those who want to become professional philosophers.