Alessandra Buccella

PhD institution
University of Pittsburgh
Currently at
The Brain Institute, Chapman University. Assistant Professor at SUNY from fall 2023
Postdoctoral researcher
Alessandra Buccella

I can confidently say that the Aphil master’s was THE reason why I felt that I could have a successful research career in philosophy. The courses I attended at UB broadened my knowledge and sharpened my skills as an analytic philosopher. Additionally, the events organized by the LOGOS group were extremely valuable to me: I had unique opportunities to network and interact with accomplished professional philosophers, getting a glimpse of what my professional future would look like. As a student at Aphil, I received plenty of encouragement and support from mentors and coleagues, and I formed personal and professional relationships that last to this day. I strongly encourage anyone with an interest in analytic philosophy to consider enrolling in the Aphil Master’s: absolutely one of the top such programs in Europe and possibly beyond!