Andrea Rivadulla Duró

PhD institution
Universitat de Barcelona
Currently at
University of Antwerp
Postdoc researcher
Andrea Rivadulla Duró

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study the Aphil master and will always look back on this time with fond memories! The Aphil gave me a solid understanding of the central topics in analytic philosophy and awakened a passion for many of these topics that still drives me today. The coursework was challenging while incredibly rewarding. I would emphasize the excellent faculty of the program; world-renowned scholars in the topics of each course who were always supportive and approachable. They had ability to engage the class in lively discussions and debates, which helped me deepen my understanding of the topics and acquire debating skills. Additionally, the Aphil takes place in a vibrant and international environment, and I had the chance to interact with great students which I consider now friends. Overall, my experience in the Master was truly life-changing: I could not have made a better decision after my undergraduate studies. To any student interested in analytic philosophy, I fervently recommend it!