Matilde Aliffi

PhD institution
University of Birmingham
Currently at
The Economist Group
Software engineer
Matilde Aliffi

I personally think that the Aphil master's in analytic philosophy is truly world-class.There are three key things that make it stand out. Firstly, as a student of this programme, you will have access to a wide range of workshops, reading groups, and conferences featuring world-leading experts which will provide you with ample opportunities to engage in philosophical discussion and sharpen your research skills. Secondly, you will be taught by internationally recognised teaching staff and will be surrounded by highly committed students, creating a very stimulating learning environment. Lastly, this program is taught across four different universities, providing you with access to the facilities of the best universities in Catalonia.

As an Aphil graduate, I can certainly say that this course prepared me really well for pursuing a doctoral degree afterwards, and the analytical and problem-solving skills I developed throughout the degree have also proven invaluable now that I am working as a software engineer. I highly recommend this course. It's an excellent choice for students who are passionate about philosophy and want to prepare themselves for a successful career in academia or beyond.